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Aaron Majerus

Aaron Majerus

Q: How did you become involved with NLXF?
A: I became involved with NLXF in 2016 when the North Liberty location opened up. I had heard about NLXF when I lived in Waterloo but never thought I had time to take class. I had several friends that took class and had great results. It wasn’t until I moved to North Liberty in August of 2016 that my fiance said she was going to join a new gym because she wasn’t getting the results that she wanted working out by herself. I agreed to join with her thinking that NLXF would be a new and exciting challenge for me. I fell in love with the workouts and I have never looked back.

Q: What excites you most about being a part of the NLXF training team?
A: Growing up, I was always a part of some kind of “team,” and those experiences were an integral part of forming the person I am today. I played high school and college football, and I thrived on the comradery and relationships I built being a part of those teams, but also growing together with the people I was working so hard with to improve ourselves, both on and off the field. Fast forward to NLXF – I was extremely excited when Cory and Kim invited me to take my experience as a member “to the next level” by becoming a trainer, and allowing me to grow as a leader of a team, and using my passion for helping others. I love coming to work every day and having the opportunity to change lives in a positive way. Building relationships in this new team have been amazing, and see how members have improved their lives, both inside and out, by becoming happier and healthier people while achieving their goals, is the best “work” I could ask to do!

Q: What makes NLXF different in your eyes?
A: NLXF is a hybrid of the best things in the “fitness” realm, in my opinion, and I’ve really dipped in many different kinds of fitness locations and experiences. For one, the variety of the workouts cannot be beaten. The combination of strength, cardio, and kickboxing is the foundation, but the variety is truly built in how the trainers respond to their members and their needs. This also includes the nutritional components that members benefit from with food journaling. The combination of nutritional support plus diversity in the workouts makes NLXF a true powerhouse for producing results. Last but not least, the atmosphere cannot be beaten. The energy level the trainers and members bring to classes is electric, and the support and family-like relationships are unlike any I’ve ever experienced in a fitness location. The fact that members continue to feel “day 1” in their mind and muscles in session 4 or 5, just like they did in session 1, is a testament to the process – no one works harder, and we truly have the best in our gym.

Q: What are some goals you have as an NLXF trainer?
A: One of my most important goals as an NLXF trainer is to go above and beyond to empower the members of NLXF to succeed and achieve their goals while improving their lives both in and out of the gym.

Q: Lastly, if you give a client who is on the fence one piece of advice about why NLXF is the right program for them, what would it be?
A: In my life, I strive for success, and I work hard in all the roles I play. I want to be the best version of myself, and give myself the best opportunities to succeed. If someone is on the fence about NLXF, they need to recognize they haven’t truly tried their best, or had the best support system for achieving their fitness and lifestyle goals in the past, and now, they are seeking just that. NLXF’s trainers and workouts encompass the structure and tools their members need to be successful, and the team has a fierce, passionate drive to help people accomplish great things, and become the BEST version of themselves.  NLXF does this by eliminating excuses, providing the necessary tools, and forming a family to celebrate when those goals are achieved.